Our Story

Individuals constantly ask us, "What you're doing is so wonderful, how did you ever get involved in this work?" So here is the story of how we got started.

In 1997 Paul and Carolene Cook adopted a beautiful girl from China and named her Megan.  In 2001, the agency through which Megan was adopted came to the Cooks and asked them to donate to improve a poor orphanage in Haiti. The Cooks donated the money and thought little more about it. Megan as Baby

A few months later, the agency returned to the Cooks and asked Paul if he would like to accompany the agency on a trip to Haiti so he could see what his donation meant in a personal sense.

Paul said, "It was only then, when I saw the desperate plight of orphans in Haiti, that I knew that I needed to do more than just donate money. I needed to personally get to work on this problem and help save the lives of these kids. We named our charity 'A Child's Hope Foundation' because we believe it is every orphan's hope to belong to a loving family."

Paul Cook, the founder of the organization, created A Child's Hope Foundation to inspire hope and awaken the spirits of both the children and volunteers. "In the beginning we thought it would be wonderful to provide a clean, healthy home for orphans," said Paul. "But when we thought more about it, we realized that ultimately if the children weren't being raised by families, they would likely continue the cycle of poverty, illness, and abandonment. Everything we do is focused on providing a healthy, loving environment for children then placing them into families who will love them and provide opportunities for a hopeful future."

Volunteers helping

A Child's Hope Foundation started by building an "Adoption Center" in Haiti, an orphanage that could be a home for orphaned and abandoned children for a short time until they are adopted (for additional information visit Global Endeavors - Haiti). Hundreds of volunteers traveled at their own expense to help in construction efforts. The facility was dedicated in August of 2004 and is home to dozens of orphaned and abandoned children who temporarily live there until they are placed into loving families.

We are now expanding efforts into other countries (see Global Endeavors) with the mission to save lives and build families. Paul Cook stated, "Individuals often ask, 'Why did you pick Haiti to start out?' I tell them that we didn't pick Haiti, Haiti picked us, and that if we can work in Haiti, we can work anywhere in the world!"