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At A Child’s Hope Foundation, providing quality care to each individual child is extremely important! 

To provide this quality care, we rely on generous donors like you to help homes meet each child’s specific needs. Your recurring donation helps a child benefit in many ways, including access to therapy, education, tutoring, and social work.

Where does my donation go?

100% of your donation will go directly to helping these kids grow, heal, and prepare for adulthood. Together, we can change these children’s lives and break the cycle of poverty, neglect and trauma.

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A Real Change Story

When a child arrives at a children’s home, they often carry a lot of emotional and physical trauma with them. 

Meeting with a therapist and other medical experts can help them heal and this story from our partner One Heart Bulgaria illustrates this: Two sisters in Sofia, Bulgaria, were recently placed in a home. They were only six and seven years old but had come with a lot of emotional pain.

Thanks to A Child’s Hope Foundation, a therapist was hired to meet with them twice a week. As a result, they have both improved their communication skills and mental health. They can better focus on their hobbies of singing and dancing