Global Endeavors

Saving Lives Around the World

The mission of A Child's Hope Foundation is to ensure orphaned and abandoned children enjoy a healthy, caring environment while helping them find a loving family. We work with government leaders, adoption agencies, and other humanitarian organizations to provide the best possible resources to these children. So far we have been able to donate money and supplies to over 100 orphanages (and some foster care programs) throughout the world, as well as facilitate the adoption of dozens of children into loving families. As donations increase, we will be able to expand our reach into additional countries.

Considerations on Placing Children into Families

Research demonstrates that orphaned and abandoned children are best served by being raised in a family environment, with all the intrinsic support and care that a family provides. A Child's Hope Foundation is not an adoption agency, rather we work to bridge the gap between orphans and families that would care for them. We do this by partnering with carefully selected adoption agencies and other organizations to facilitate the placement of children into loving homes. In our effort to improve the lives of orphans throughout the world, we find that each country provides different challenges and requires different approaches to placing children into families.

Carl passing through the Gobi Desert between orphanage visits

In some countries it may not be feasible for the children to be raised by local families, while in many other countries, international adoption may also not presently be a feasible option. Whether the child is adopted domestically (in his/her country of birth), internationally, or placed in a permanent foster care situation, we seek solutions that will reduce costs, shorten time frames, and ultimately give the child the best chance at a productive and promising future.

Whatever the circumstances may be, time and effort is required to establish good working relationships. We consistently seek opportunities to care for orphans and build good will by supporting existing orphanages in countries where we plan on operating.

How We Care for Orphans 

Though we may find additional avenues to care for orphaned children, these are currently our main approaches.

Volunteers building exterior walls of Haiti Adoption Center

Construction of New Adoption Orphanages:  When relationships and opportunities come together we sometimes find that building a new Adoption Center will best facilitate the placement of children into families. Our goal is to provide optimal care for children in the center as we work at getting them adopted into families both in-country and internationally when possible.

Partnering with Existing Orphanages:  In some countries we are looking to partner with existing orphanages in an effort to help facilitate the adoption of more orphaned children into loving homes. We look for orphanages that demonstrate attentiveness, concern, and love for the children they serve. When possible, we give small grants for observable needs such as food, clothing, medical care, etc. As these donations are made to these orphanages we are able to nurture relationships, identify management strengths, observe child care, and see how they account and report for the use of said funds.

Working with Foster Care:  When families in a child's native country are willing to care for orphans, but adoption is too costly or difficult, we work to help facilitate the placement of children into foster homes. In each country we create (or partner with) a local organization to carry out the day to day operations as A Child's Hope Foundation mainly serves to improve the bridge between adoptive/foster families and orphaned children. Ultimately, donations dictate where and how quickly we are able to place orphaned and abandoned children into loving families.

What We Have Accomplished

Abbreviated version of what has been accomplished to date as of February 10, 2014

Saving Lives and Building Families

  • Built a beautiful 14,000 sq. ft. facility in Haiti that serves as an adoption center for dozens of children:  including a 16 bed volunteer wing and a wing for a school/clinic
  • Over 100 children have been adopted from the adoption orphanage in Haiti, with dozens more matched with loving families
  • Provided loans to couples to adopt children through the Perpetual Adoption Fund

Coordinating and Supplying Needed Resources

  • Donated supplies to over 100 orphanages and communities in Bulgaria, China, Mongolia, Ukraine, Peru, South Korea, Haiti and Mexico
  • Mexico: Built and improved facilities at four separate orphanages in Mexico, donated thousands of dollars of supplies to various orphanages
  • South Korea: Donated $30,000 in supplies to three orphanages and several orphans in foster care
  • Haiti: Delivered three 40 foot containers of supplies by ship and delivered 1056 totes of supplies and aid brought with volunteers by plane
  • Peru: Donated around 10 totes of toys, school supplies, clothing, etc. and $5000 to provide food for seven months for 105 children and 6 nuns at an orphanage for blind and handicapped children
  • China: Donated over $110,000 as a major sponsor of the China Orphan Relief Fund which provides orphans in China medical care, food, clothing, heating, reconstruction of facilities, etc.
  • China: Provided small grants to 7 orphanages in China for supplies (food, clothing, heating, medical, etc.)
  • Haiti: Helped coordinate, facilitate, and host 18 medical and dental professionals who treated over 450 individuals (villagers and our orphans)
  • China: Facilitated the acquisition of medical supplies and vitamins for several orphanages
  • Mexico: Facilitated dental teams which provided dental services to over 100 orphans and caregivers
  • Ukraine: Held benefit concert and provided funds for a vehicle for a family-oriented orphanage


  • 379 volunteers have made a total of 472 individual trips to work in Haiti
  • 729 volunteers have made a total of 1,092 individual trips to work in Mexico
  • 19,538 estimated hours provided by work project volunteers working on the facility in Haiti
  • 85 weeks to date donated by volunteer child caregivers
  • Thousands of hours contributed by local volunteers creating (sewing diapers, blankets, sheets, clothing, etc.), collecting, sorting, and packing donations of various kinds