The mission of A Child’s Hope Foundation is to support family-style orphanages provide the love and stability that only a family can give.  As one of our volunteers you have felt what it feels like to become a virtual aunt, uncle, or cousin to these children.  We LOVE repeat volunteers and are so excited that you want to plan a private trip with your close family, friends, and/or associates to help support family bonds with children in unique circumstances.


Your contact to organize a private trip is our Director of Training, Samantha Smith (832) 580-0015 or  Here are a few things to know before giving her a call.


1st - Please come up with a few sets of dates that would work for your group, we need to make sure the orphanages are available for us to come during those times for us to come visit.  Trips usually start on Tuesday and go through Saturday, though some alternate arrangements may be possible. (Please note that peak times - during fall break, Thanksgiving, and Christmas can be especially difficult to secure for private groups due to many volunteers being available during those times.  Please consider alternate dates if possible.)


2nd - A private trip base cost is $14,500 for up to 43 people, and an additional $335 per person after that (this covers housing, construction materials, donations to the orphanage, and all inclusive meals). If you elect to have a smaller group, please advise Samantha on the size, since the per person cost may be slightly higher.


3rd - Private trips require a credit card on file to hold your trip spots.  6 months before your trip a $4000 deposit will be charged (this will be reimbursed once your participants pay).  The trip needs to be paid in full 3 months before departure.  There is a $1000 penalty for canceling less than 90 days prior to the departure date. This is so the orphanages won’t lose funds for lodging and feeding your group.  This fee increases as the date of cancelation gets closer to the departure date.

4th - Private groups have an awesome opportunity to make a big difference!  Because there is a tie between your group that extends beyond ACHF you can consult together with how to build a fundraiser to make the biggest difference for these children.  Please bring your ideas to Samantha and let us help you discuss ways you can campaign in your community to bring their support with you.  At the end of 2017 the highest fundraising group will receive a reunion party in appreciation for your extended efforts to help support these special orphanages.

Event Dates: 
Sunday, January 1, 2017 to Sunday, December 31, 2017