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Mama Nanfuka's Grocery Shop

Mama Nanfuka's Home
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After going through some intensive courses to attain financial knowledge that covers a range of topics like business intelligence, recordkeeping, pricing, and investing, Mama Nanfuka is looking forward to starting a small grocery shop business to sell fresh fruit, vegetables and charcoal to her community.

This will allow her to earn income to provide for the children in her care and become self-sufficient. The grocery store will be next to her home area in an allocated room. The requested funds will provide initial purchase of groceries to sell, initial rent for the store area, and other expenses related to this project, such as fruit boxes and charcoal bags.

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What's a Project Tile?

Homes often have high priority needs that arise within the Thrive Certification Program. Because we can’t anticipate when a project will be adopted by a donor, we fulfill these needs immediately by advancing the funds to pay for the need. That’s where you come in.

By adopting a project, you replenish the funds we spent on that need in order to allow future high priority requests to be fulfilled when they are most needed.

Everyone who adopts a project can rest assured that 100% of their contribution will go to a project that really matters right now— not to overhead, not to other projects, just the one specific project they chose.

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