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Stove, Microwave, Chairs & Tables

Buena Vida
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At Buena Vida, the director and his wife have made it a goal to teach the children more skills so they an easier transition to life when they turn 18 and are ready to leave the orphanage. In recent months, Meche, the director's wife, has implemented pastry classes as part of a mentoring program for the boys and girls in the home. To carry out these classes, she has used the stove in her house, which no longer works 100%, causing a delay in the baking times and the duration of the pastry classes. The microwave has also stopped working due to its usage for pastry classes. With the number of kids interested in participating in the course, there is an increase in the need for more tables and chairs. The volunteers who visit can also use the chairs and tables since more seating is needed for the lunchroom.

Cost Breakdown

Semi-new Stove
20 Chairs
4 Tables
1 Microwave

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Homes often have high priority needs that arise within the Thrive Certification Program. Because we can’t anticipate when a project will be adopted by a donor, we fulfill these needs immediately by advancing the funds to pay for the need. That’s where you come in.

By adopting a project, you replenish the funds we spent on that need in order to allow future high priority requests to be fulfilled when they are most needed.

Everyone who adopts a project can rest assured that 100% of their contribution will go to a project that really matters right now— not to overhead, not to other projects, just the one specific project they chose.

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