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We're Still Expanding to this Region

We're Still Expanding to this Region

We serve orphanages because we believe every child deserves to thrive, no matter their living situation. Ideally, every child would have the opportunity to live in an environment as close to a family as possible. However, the reality is that orphanages will be part of the sociocultural landscape in most countries for the foreseeable future, and the children who live there deserve the best possible care. That’s where we come in.

How We Select Orphanage Partners

We’re always on the lookout for orphanage directors who, with the proper support, have the potential to create a high standard of care for their kids. There are many “aspiring” orphanages who have demonstrated the desire and the ability to see the children successfully through to adulthood– they simply need a little help to get there.

We partner with orphanage directors who are eager to become better leaders, and we help provide the support and resources they need to fulfill their vision for the kids. Throughout this process, we encourage the orphanage directors to maintain their existing goals and traditions. We’re not here to tell them what to do, we’re just here to help them do it even better.

Baja, Mexico

Baja is our longest-standing region, with 8 homes serving over 340 kids. Special efforts include 1) a focused caregiver training program with Espere, 2) a literacy initiative with Books Library Reading, 3) mentorship and life skills training, and 4) service trips to benefit the kids and the homes. Thrive and Certification efforts are carried out by three local ACHF staff members who have over 20 collective years of experience in orphan and therapeutic care.


Our partner, One Heart Bulgaria, is actively working all over the country in a variety of initiatives to help orphans and vulnerable children. We have equipped their Bulgarian staff team with the skills and tools needed to deploy the Thrive Program and we are regularly collaborating with them to amplify their impact.

Jalisco, Mexico

In Jalisco, a state in the west central part of Mexico, A Child’s Hope has partnered with Oak Life, a Mexican nonprofit who trains orphanage caregivers and long-term volunteers in best practices for caring for vulnerable children.


Javier Morales volunteers at one large home, Fundación San Mauricio, in Bogota. He mentors many of the kids and has a leadership program called Teamwork where he helps them build job skills, interpersonal competencies, and offers them opportunities that many kids don’t have access to. This is a unique partnership, and we view it as a gateway into further work in the country.


Ghana Make A Difference (GMAD) is an excellent orphanage in Ghana. They have been successful at implementing educational, therapy, and reunification initiatives for the children they serve. A Child’s Hope and GMAD are collaborating to implement the Thrive Program in their own home and two other homes in the area in the near future.


92hands is working in the slums around Kampala with single women who are coming off the streets. 92hands offers them a place to stay, training on how to be a caregiver to a small number (3-7) of orphans and vulnerable children (OVC), and skill training to increase the mothers’ economic independence. A Child’s Hope and 92hands are collaborating to implement the Thrive Program in their network.


Child in Family Focus - Kenya (CFFK) is a well established NGO in Kenya. It is run by Kenyans and has direct connections to the government of Kenya (which is great for scaling up our work). They are focused on 1) changing policy around child welfare to be more about reintegration, 2) spreading awareness to the public about child welfare, and 3) providing support to children’s homes (specifically for alternative care options: reunification, foster, etc). A Child’s Hope and CFFK are collaborating to implement the Thrive Program in their network of homes.

Special Interest Regions

Special Interest Regions are areas where A Child’s Hope does not have on-the-ground Thrive Teams deploying the Certification Program, yet there are other initiatives started or needs being fulfilled. Currently the only country in a special interest region is Haiti.

Published Improvement Roadmaps

An Improvement Roadmap is a plan we create alongside the orphanage directors about the vision and goals they have for their home. They can use these documents to give all of their donors and partners an efficient way to collaborate in supporting them. Here are the most recent Improvement Roadmaps for each home.

We are currently expanding, which means we will have more partners in the future! Check back to learn about our newest orphanage partners.

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