CSEDI Home Priority Needs

These are some of the amazing things we have been able to do with the donations going directly to the children in Haiti:
  • Make improvements to the orphanage so they have a kitchen and two separate bedrooms for boys and girls
  • Build a well for fresh water
  • Install solar Panels for electricity
  • Build a school with a library, computer lab, and dedicated teachers

A Ray of Hope


Dovick and his wife are on the top left.

You may not be aware of the tragic trials of thousands of children just 681 miles away from the USA, children who live in raw and real misery. They exist amid a scarcity of food, clean water, electricity, education health care, safety and comfort!

They are vulnerable to violence, extreme poverty, and displacement. Water-borne diseases such as cholera and severe malnutrition shorten many young lives.

Can anyone make a positive difference in this child tragedy?

Meet Dovick Joseph, a man of hope!

Dovick grew up in poverty in a small Haitian village and somehow managed to obtain a sixth grade education. At 17 he was hired as a laborer for a Utah group who was building an orphanage in his village. There he met a Utah couple who were so impressed with Dovick they supported his further education. Dovick excelled through college and obtained a good government job. 

Because he had been helped, Dovick wanted to help others and his search resulted in discovering an older Haitian lady who had taken in 25 orphans. He loved the children and when the lady became sick and could no longer carry on Dovick took over, even though there was no facility or resources to do so. When the good lady asked Dovick how he was going to do this impossible task Dovick replied: “ God will put people in my way!” And the people came. A group from North Carolina found Dovick and his little band and provided resources. The Utah group reconnected with Dovick and the miracle began.

Now, several years later, with donations from amazing people and hard work, this orphanage is now home to 35 children, providing permanent housing and a healthy environment with nutritious food and loving care. Plus, a beautiful new school has been built providing education to 350 students from the village.

Please join us to ensure that Dovick and his team of caretakers can continue to provide the miraculous care to these children.