About Us

Our Story


In 1997, Paul and Carolene Cook adopted their beautiful daughter, Megan, from China. In 2001, Megan’s adoption agency came to the Cooks and asked them to donate to improve an orphanage in Haiti. They donated some money and didn’t think much more of it.

A few months later, the agency returned to the Cooks and asked Paul if he would take a trip to Haiti to see what his donation really meant to the kids there. Paul said, “It was only then, when I saw the desperate plight of orphans in Haiti, that I knew I needed to do more than just donate money. I needed to personally get to work on this problem and help save the lives of these kids.

In 2002, Paul Cook, Perry Bratt, and Paul MacArthur joined forces to create A Child’s Hope Foundation. They started by building an “Adoption Orphanage” in Haiti—a short-term home for children to stay until they were adopted. Hundreds of volunteers traveled at their own expense to help in construction efforts.

Because of security issues that arose in Haiti, A Child’s Hope Foundation stopped taking volunteers there and began partnering with orphanages in Mexico instead. Since 2002, more than 10,000 volunteers on nearly 300 service trips have brought resources and skills to improve the living conditions of orphaned and vulnerable children. 

A Child’s Hope Foundation is now operating in 8 countries and over 40 homes.

Our Mission

Elevating The Work Today

We believe no child should be abandoned to raise themself. That’s why A Child’s Hope Foundation exists, to equip orphaned and vulnerable children with skills, resources, and community so they can improve the trajectory of their lives.

We do this by offering trainings, building communities, engaging volunteers, and inspiring donors so that capable caregivers are provided with skills, resources, community, and ultimately, hope. All of this is delivered through our Thrive Program, which gives caregivers the tools they need to help the children in their care heal from trauma, gain practical skills, and elevate their futures.

With your help, we can ensure that there are safe places for all children as they begin the path toward stable families and a stable future.