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Meet the core of A Child’s Hope Foundation, the people that make things happen. Our staff and board members are dedicated to the mission of elevating care for orphaned and vulnerable children, giving them the skills, resources, and community to thrive as adults.

Board Members

Kevin Clegg

Chairman of the Board

Kevin and his family went on their first service trip with ACHF to Baja, Mexico in 2014. They fell in love with the kids and went on four trips in that first year. He is currently the Board Chair. Kevin is very active in helping the foundation grow and expand its influence so more of these kids are given the love, hope, and support they deserve. Kevin and his wife and kids still love their frequent trips to Baja.

Carolene Cook


Carolene and her husband, Paul, co-founded A Child’s Hope Foundation. They had adopted their child from China and felt a call to do more for orphaned and abandoned children throughout the globe. She loves hiking and connecting with friends and family.

Perry Brätt


As a construction contractor, Perry has helped found several successful companies. Dedicated to their family, Perry and his wife, Jana, have seven children and two exchange students. Their children have caught the spirit of giving and have collectively lived for over 11 years in foreign lands helping the needy and been involved in over 150 humanitarian trips. He helped found A Child’s Hope Foundation and has been involved since 2001.

Nicole Stirling

Board Member

Nicole Stirling is a founding board member of The Stirling Foundation. She also serves as the organization’s Vice President and Chief Relations Officer. In addition to launching the Stirling Foundation, Nicole has worked as a board member and employee at other non-profit, multinational organizations, at the forefront of their efforts to build and strengthen relationships. She and her husband, Bryant, are the parents of three children.

Paul MacArthur

Board Member

Founding partner of MacArthur, Heder & Metler, PLLC, located in Provo, Utah. Paul practices in the areas of tax planning, commercial transactions and associations, business contracts and formation, tax exempt organizations, estate planning, and adoption. Paul has been involved with A Child’s Hope Foundation since its inception. His passion for the work of A Child’s Hope Foundation stems from his involvement in the world of tax exempt organizations and experience as an adoptive parent. He and his wife, Monica, have seven children, three of whom were adopted.

Babata Sonnenberg

Board Member

Babata graduated from Brigham Young University Law School. She also has a master’s degree in Social Work. During her work as a therapist and attorney, Babata witnessed first-hand the immense strength, power, and resiliency in individuals who have strong, healthy connections to family, friends, and community.

Rex Hale

Board Member

Rex has served as co-chair of the board from 2014 to 2017. He is the CEO of Q90 Corporation, a custom software development company based in Payson, Utah. He has been involved in various startups and entrepreneurial ventures since the age of 12.  He has served on the advisory board for Camp Kesem, as well as on the non-profit boards for Youth Champions Charity and Entrepreneur Organization. Rex is passionately committed to serving those less fortunate.

Tim Whipple


Tim Whipple is a financial savant with an abundant mindset and a contagious sense of generosity. He earned enough credits in college to have graduated with multiple degrees in such diverse subjects as Arabic and chemical engineering. Tim enjoys going on service trips with his wife and five children.

Kent White

Executive Director

Kent has worked with A Child’s Hope Foundation for over 20 years, making more than 70 trips to Mexico and Haiti in that time. He loves recruiting, training, and building teams. For fun, he also loves to read, make carne asada, and perform improv comedy.

“I love my team and whiteboarding to solve problems! The harder the problem, the more fun!”

Management Team

Erin Knudsen

Director of Finance & Operations

Erin has been our Director of Finance since 2017 and is the glue that holds this team together. She is gifted at seeing three moves ahead on any decision we have to make and is beloved by all. Erin enjoys backpacking, climbing, and games of all types.

Jaime Zogmaister

Program Director

Jaime focuses on training other organizations that work with children’s homes on how to implement our Thrive Certification program. She loves spending time with her nieces and nephews, trying new restaurants, and visiting new places. A campfire on a chilly fall night really hits the spot as well.

Amber Young

Program Designer

Amber was previously the Executive Director of the Utah County Red Cross. She is instrumental in building our core programs and she helps our teams to reach our team’s ambitious goals. Amber and her husband have 2 daughters, all 4 of which you can find riding their tandem bike on a typical evening.

Joseph Hansen

Senior Philanthropy Officer

Joey has a robust background in fundraising and philanthropy. He has been a Certified Fundraising Executive (CFRE) since 1999, and holds an MPA from the University of Utah. He has consulted in fundraising and directed campaigns for hospitals including Intermountain Healthcare. He has consulted for A Child’s Hope and is now an official part of the team! Joey and his wife Vicki have 4 children. Joey enjoys golf, running, pickleball and entertainment (live musical performance and DJ).

Rod Ferraz

Marketing Director

Rod oversees our marketing department, managing the external and internal communication for the foundation. His goal in this role is to develop the ACHF marketing department, improving the way we communicate with our donors and how we’re perceived in general by the public. He is from Brazil with his family and has been in marketing for 25 years.

Cam Outlaw

Director of Global Partnerships

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Jennifer Wright

Service Trips Manager

Jennifer oversees all things related to service trips. She found ACHF while listening to a podcast where our organization was discussed. Afterwards, she found our website and saw the open position. She previously lived in Mexico for 10 years and has been involved in organizing multiple service projects. She loves skiing, mountain biking, the beach and laughing. She has 4 awesome kids and loves being with her family.

Lindsey Geertsen

HR & Office Manager

With many years of experience in retail management, Lindsey oversees the recruiting and onboarding of our large volunteer staff, our paid team, as well as managing the office. She has a terrific eye for design and makes our office feel welcoming and beautiful.

Leksi Skousen

Systems Administrator

Leksi first came to ACHF after being invited on a service trip by one of the board members. She started hosting trips to Mexico and was then hired on as our Volunteer Coordinator. She now oversees our team’s data in Salesforce and processes in her role as Systems Admin. She is an amazing dog trainer and does a pretty good job training humans too.

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