Our Partners

We Value Leadership

We seek excellence in our own leadership, we partner with exemplary orphanage and service leaders, and we are grateful for the leaders who share our passion for the rights of children. These partners either support us in providing funds, services, or help us expand to new regions.

Types of Partners


These are often non-profits/NGOs who are already connected to other orphanage homes around the world. We train them on how to administer our Thrive Program to the homes they’re connected to.

Supportive Services

These are often non-profits/NGOs who have a program or service already working (eg. Experience training caregivers or administering therapy). We connect them with orphanages that need their services to support the kids.

Become a Deployment or Supportive Service Partner

We’re always looking for great partners to connect to! Either as a Deployment or Supportive Services Partner, we’re excited to start a relationship with you.

Cameron Outlaw

Director of Global Partnerships