A Loving Home

Every child deserves a family—whether it’s a birth family, adopted family, foster family, or even inside a family-style orphanage. Millions of children worldwide need the care and support that only a family can give.  A Child’s Hope Foundation relights the flame of hope in children’s hearts by helping them find the real meaning of family in whatever their unique circumstances:

For children without a home, we raise money to build and support family-style orphanages to increase the number of children who are being cared for.

For children already in the care of a family-style orphanage, we provide support in three major ways:

  • First, we provide loans to prospective adoptive families to offset the steep cost of adoption.
  • Second, we collect the resources needed to improve and expand existing orphanages.
  • Lastly, we believe it’s not enough to just send money and building supplies. We send volunteers directly to orphanages to give children more of what they really need—family. Our volunteers become virtual aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, and grandparents to children in other countries.

No two families are alike. No two children are alike. That’s why A Child’s Hope Foundation works to help children in a variety of situations and circumstances—because every child deserves the hope and comfort of a family.