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All 2016 Trips Now Open

We are very pleased to announce that all of our 2016 trips to Baja are now open and ready for registration! Please see our Upcoming Projects page for information about each trip specifically.

Baja trip dates are:

  • April 5-9th (full)
  • June 21-25th
  • August 9-13th
  • November 22-26th
  • December 27th - January 1st



It seems like Christmas comes earlier every year, with craft stores getting their holiday decorations in before the kids are even back in school! We are big supporters of letting Halloween and Thanksgiving have their day, but sometimes you just can’t wait. We are going to be having an early holiday party, complete with all the trimmings on November 14th!

No Words Necessary

No Words Necessary

by Kent White, Executive Director

During my first trip to Baja California, Mexico, I met an eight-year-old girl at Door of Faith Orphanage. She had a big smile and shoulder-length hair. The first time she saw me, she came up and spread her arms to be held. And she hugged tightly!

Volunteer Stories, Part 2

Volunteer Stories

Part 2

Hannah Caldwell (13):

Volunteer Stories, Part 1

Volunteer Stories

Part One

Have you thought about joining A Child's Hope Foundation on a service trip, but weren't quite ready to commit? Not sure what to expect? We understand! For the next couple weeks, we'll be posting the stories and experiences of some past volunteers to give you an idea of what to expect on our service trips. Thanks to everybody who was willing to share!

Fight Song

Keep Fighting

by Juliana Ali


I Am Only One, But I Am One

I Am Only One, But I Am One

by Kent White, Executive Director

A Child's Hope Foundation


Best Practices of Good Charities

Is The Charity You Give To Legit?


Charitable programs are about benefiting others and making the world a better place. But not every charity out there is doing the good they say they’re doing. Some people claim to be working with a charity just to scam people out of their money. These scammers are the reason that some people are hesitant to donate, and why actual charitable programs have to continually prove they’re legitimate programs.

The Power of Inviting

The Power of Inviting

by Kent White