Child Advancement Priorities

Improving Next Generation's Future

While many charities focus primarily on meeting orphans’ basic needs, our goal is to help homes prepare children to become healthy, happy adults who can then raise well-adjusted children of their own. When kids are separated or removed from their families, caregivers become their primary support. Because the majority of the kids who come into orphanages have a history of abuse, trauma, and neglect, the Thrive Program encourages partner orphanages to provide individualized support by focusing on Child Advancement Priorities (CAP). These priorities include:

  • Therapists to help them heal and find self-worth
  • Tutors to help them catch up and gain academic skills
  • Caregivers who are always there to provide family-style support
  • Social workers to help with family-tracing, foster care placement, or adoption

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Family Placement/ Social Work


100% of your donation, no matter how large or how small, will go directly to helping these kids grow, heal, and prepare for adulthood to break the cycle of poverty, neglect and trauma.

Your Donations in Action

Tamale Yusuf is a 3 year old boy who recently joined one of the partner homes after being abandoned and left for several nights cold and hungry. Yusuf was identified by a local community member and brought into the home. He was nervous and sad for someone so young. The home quickly addressed this need with counseling, therapy sessions, and bonding time with his new caregiver and other children.

Now, Yusuf is healing and happy. He can be found playing at his new home and even joined the children’s church choir. His new caregiver said, “This is my great joy to see every child happy, smiling and united with one another as a family.”