We exist to

break the cycle

of poverty and trauma

for orphans everywhere.

Child Advancement Programs: Creating a Better Future for the Next Generation

While many charities focus primarily on meeting orphans’ basic needs, our goal is to instead help them to prepare to be healthy, happy adults who can raise well-adjusted children of their own. Because the majority of the kids who come into orphanages have a history of abuse, trauma, and neglect, our new program to provide individualized support requires funding for:

  • Therapists to help them heal and find self-worth
  • Tutors to help them catch up and gain academic skills
  • Dedicated caregivers who are always there to provide family-style support
  • Enrichment activities to expose them to sports, the arts, and career opportunities


That’s where you come in.

It only costs $71 a month per child to provide all these amazing gifts.

100% of your donation, no matter how large or how small, will go directly to helping these kids prepare for adulthood and break the cycle of poverty, neglect and trauma they inherited from past generations.

Healing for 1 Child$71/Month
Caregivers $23/Month

How will I know my donation is being used effectively?

Our certification process ensures that the orphanages we work with are good stewards of the funding they receive. These orphanage leaders have proven their desire, willingness and ability to successfully implement the programs we help to fund.



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100% of All Donations Go Directly to the Orphans

Private donors cover all of our overhead (even credit card fees!) so you can rest assured that every penny you contribute will go straight to programs that best serve the orphans. Specifically, the funds raised will be used to fund therapists, tutors and caregivers to help kids heal, learn, and grow up to be happy, healthy adults. 

Every child deserves the chance to thrive.

Most kids in orphanages have experienced significant trauma before they were separated from their families. Because of that, they live in survival mode, constantly scanning for threats and unable to grow normally. If these kids don’t heal, they’re likely to fall into the same destructive patterns they learned early on.

Every child needs to be seen as an individual. Each has personal challenges and aspirations. Child Advancement Programs are designed to meet each child’s unique needs, including therapy, tutoring, mentorship and caregiver support, so that they can begin to have hope for a better future. 

If kids can’t believe they’re capable of living productive, happy lives as adults, they probably won’t. With the tools to see themselves differently, they will go on to build healthy families of their own instead of continuing the cycle of abuse and trauma. Please help lift children from surviving to thriving and show your support with a donation today!

Help Lift Orphans from Surviving to Thriving.

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