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We exist to break the cycle of abuse and neglect for orphaned and vulnerable children.

Children in unsafe conditions or who have been deserted need a safe place to be while efforts are made to discover ideal options for that child, such as family reunification, foster care, adoption, or otherwise. Our Thrive Certification Program exists to ensure that there are indeed safe places for children to be cared for. Understandably, because of corruption in the orphan care system, people often don’t feel confident in donating to orphanages because they question if their investment is truly helping the child. Using our “Thrive Assessment” based on the United Nations’ Rights of a Child, we do the work to ensure that the homes we work with are truly safe places with leadership focused on the well-being of the children. 

With your help, we can ensure that there are safe places for all children as they begin the path toward stable families and a stable future.


We believe every child deserves to be in a safe environment.


We believe that there are selfless and honorable orphanage leaders wanting to best serve kids and their community.


We believe that caregivers hold the keys to positive experiences and growth while children are in their care.

The Thrive Process

Because we assess and certify orphanage leadership as effective, we make it easy for donors to see how their contribution makes a difference at the level of each individual child. They’re able to raise more money and get more support because donors feel confident that their contribution will be used in the best way possible.

One of the primary things we do at A Child’s Hope Foundation is assess and certify orphanage leadership as effective. We perform our Thrive Assessment, which tells us how the orphanage currently operates in relation to the 15 Rights of a Child or “standards of care.” From there, we can determine the most appropriate next steps by helping them develop their Improvement Roadmap. This enables us to know the best places for donors to invest to make a difference. When donors know that they’re helping orphanage directors that are good stewards of their resources, they become much more likely to invest.

The certification process is structured as follows:

Child Advancement Programs

Stable and committed relationships are the key to child resilience. When kids are separated or removed from their families, it is the caregivers in the orphanage home who carry this responsibility until a better situation for the child is found, which sometimes can take years. Investing in caregivers to enhance their ability to effectively care for, teach, discipline and love the children is of utmost importance. 


Every child needs to be seen as an individual. Each has personal challenges and aspirations. Child Advancement Programs are designed to meet each child’s unique needs with the help of partners; including therapy, tutoring, caregiver support, family placement & mentorship, so that they can begin to have hope for a better future. 


If kids can’t believe they’re capable of living productive, happy lives as adults, they probably won’t. With the tools to see themselves differently, they will go on to build healthy families of their own.


All of the tools listed below enable us to help orphanage leaders give each individual child the quality of care they deserve. When donors collaborate to support great leaders, children thrive.

Thrive Assessments
The Thrive Assessment measures how well an orphanage is doing across 15 different categories. It helps them prioritize their most urgent needs.
Orphanage Improvement Roadmaps
The Orphanage Improvement Roadmap (OIR) is the plan developed with Orphanage Leadership to help clearly outline needs, priorities, and next steps.
Strategic Initiatives
A Strategic Initiative is a project that will have the most significant impact in helping the orphanage improve.1-3 strategic initiatives are identified as part of each OIR, and are automatically considered for LIFT Funding.
Lift Funds
We use Lift Funds to launch first-time Strategic Initiatives or other needs identified through the OIR process to help lift an orphanage on its path from one stage to the next.
Child Advancement Program Funds
We use these funds for ongoing programs like therapy, tutoring, mentorship and caregiver support.
Project Tiles
Project Tiles are how we “package” projects to be completed, like construction projects, needed equipment, security needs, etc.
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