Thrive Assessments

Measuring Progress

Every six months, partner homes complete the Thrive Assessment to help them evaluate how well they are meeting the needs of children in their home.

In 1989, the United Nations adopted the Convention on the Rights of the Child. This document outlined the natural human rights a child deserves to be provided in their youth. The Miracle Foundation later consolidated the Convention into a scale defining the 12 rights. With permission, A Child’s Hope Foundation used that scale to create the Thrive Assessment with 15 standards for child care. Those categories are:

Rights of a Child
Right to Live with Family
Right to a Stable Environment
Right to Healthcare
Right to Nutrition
Right to Safe & Adequate Water & Facilities
Right to Quality Education
Right to Equal Opportunities
Right to Guidance
Right to Be Heard and Participate in Decisions
Right to Be Prepared for Citizenship
Right to Be Safe from Abuse & Neglect
Right to Dignity and Freedom
Right to Spiritual Development
Financial Standard
Governance and Human Resource Standard

Thrive Assessment results are used to build an Improvement Roadmap with the leadership of children’s homes.

Thrive Scale