Task Forces

What are Task Forces?

Task Forces are teams of volunteers and staff that respond to a specific project request. Our Task Forces unite people and their passions to projects in order to lift orphans from surviving to thriving.

What do Task Forces do?

Task Forces help the helpers. They provide supplementary, specialized volunteer support to organizations who are solving the global orphan crisis. With specific deliverables and timelines, Task Forces provide effective project management and personalized volunteer opportunities. Each is composed of 3-7 team members who meet regularly to push the project forward.

Why do Volunteers Matter?

As a Task Force member, your specialized contributions help us achieve strategic goals that enhance the capacities of A Child’s Hope and our international partners. Task Force Members come alongside A Child’s Hope and provide time, talents, and resources that our staff just don’t have. Task Force Members multiply the impact of A Child’s Hope in specific, timely ways by bringing connections, expertise, and energy.

Why Task Forces?

Task Forces make it easy for busy people to do the most good. There are hundreds of skilled professionals looking for clear opportunities to serve out of their strengths. Task Forces curate opportunities for volunteers to use their passion, skills, and networks to help orphans and vulnerable children.

The Ideal Task Force Member Has

  • Time and energy to dedicate to helping ACHF amplify its impact
  • Expertise, knowledge, and/or connections that contribute to the purpose of the Task Force

Join A Task Force

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