A Round for the Kids

June 7, 2024

GIving on the Green

Every year, A Child’s Hope Foundation hosts “A Round for the Kids,” a golf tournament fundraiser involving incredible donors.

 The goal is to raise money to support the needs of orphaned and vulnerable children. This is the eighth year of the tournament and it’s better than ever.

Light the Orphanage

Brett Bailey, the current Director of Orphan Support at A Child’s Hope, was the catalyst for this new opportunity. He was passionate about helping the children and recognized the need for increased fundraising beyond trips.

After he had been on a few trips, Brett hosted a group at Buena Vida orphanage in Mexico. As he worked with the director at the home, he learned that they needed electricity, but it would cost the children’s home $15,000 USD—money the home didn’t have to spare.

Brett got a group of golf-loving friends together and they set out to raise a part of the needed $15,000. They organized an event called the “Light the Orphanage Tournament.” The support was overwhelming and they were able to raise exactly enough to bring the electricity to that part of Buena Vida’s community.

Gifts for Good

Brett has continued to organize this annual golf tournament. Reflecting on its success, he says, “Participation has remained consistent and each year we raise more funds than the previous one. The staff at A Child’s Hope have increasingly taken on crucial roles, which is truly inspiring.”

Year after year, more businesses and individuals are drawn to the tournament because it’s a fun event supporting a great cause. This year, the success multiplied with participants raising a total of $52,000 (more than $10,000 more than last year) to elevate care for orphaned children. We’re immensely grateful for the support of the staff, the course, and both Kneaders and Texas Roadhouse for providing food for the participants. Brett notes, “The staff have excelled in creating a welcoming tournament with fast play, great swag, raffles, and auction items.”

Join Us in Making a Difference

Fundraising takes work, but your unique circles, talents, and interests can become a source for change. Brett’s commitment to children in need and his love of golf have created a tradition at A Child’s Hope Foundation. 

Interested in getting involved with future golf tournaments or fundraising for A Child’s Hope? Contact Madelyn Mitchell at [email protected]. Together, we can continue to make a lasting impact in the lives of orphaned and vulnerable children. Let’s keep the momentum going and create more opportunities to support these kids who need us most.