Elevating Hope in Nigeria

May 17, 2024

Understanding Needs In Nigeria
The Association of Orphanages and Homes Operators in Nigeria (ASOHON) has a large footprint in Nigeria, with about 400 members representing 400 children’s homes. With such an expansive network, it was a challenge to understand the needs of the homes and how to implement the Thrive Program. For the last eight months or so ASOHON and A Child’s Hope have worked to collaborate and experiment with the Thrive Program and it’s been miraculous.
Ongoing Impact and Collaboration
Sandra Chikan, Vice President of ASOHON’s northern region, reported at the end of April 2024 some of the effects happening at one of the homes she visited:

“Last week, I visited Kids With A Vision Foundation. My heart was gladdened when Alpha Adams, a staff member, shared some news about a need that was identified in the most recent Thrive Assessment. (October 2023)

Under the Right to Nutrition, we had identified the need to fundraise to provide fruit for the children so they could have healthy, well-rounded meals. The staff members took on that challenge and reached out to the home’s partners. Their effort to address this need was truly inspiring.

One partner responded and not only provided fresh fruit once, but committed to supply the home with fruit monthly. This commitment is truly commendable and goes beyond just meeting a one-time need; it ensures sustained support and regular access to essential nutrition for the children. This kind of ongoing collaboration and support exemplifies the power of collective action in making a positive impact on the lives of others, especially those in need.”

Celebrating Success and Continual Growth

Seeing and celebrating these small victories is crucial. Sandra reports that these successes “signify progress and reinforce the importance of continued efforts in furthering the [home’s] mission.” People that care about these children are uniting in Nigeria to help them. This is just one of many stories of collaboration for the good of children that has come from A Child’s Hope’s partnership with ASOHON.

About two years ago, Cameron Outlaw, the Director of Global Partnerships at A Child’s Hope Foundation, met Sandra Chikan and Caroline Silver at the Christians Alliance for Orphans (CAFO) Summit. He had heard about all the good ASOHON was doing in Nigeria, working with and empowering homes. Both organizations were very interested in collaborating and Sandra is now A Child’s Hope’s primary contact with ASOHON.

The Association of Orphanages and Homes Operators in Nigeria is an incredible organization. The members of ASOHON are government-registered children’s home directors and they have an expansive network across the country. The organization is centered on elevating the standard of care and protection for all vulnerable children in Nigeria.

ASOHON is a champion of children and the homes of this association are rehabilitating “abused, abandoned, orphaned, mentally challenged, and physically challenged children.” (ASOHON website)

We are excited to see what the future holds for this partnership. Let’s continue elevating how Nigeria cares for orphaned children!


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