The Good Life: 10 Years Strong

August 15, 2017

Looking back at the photos of the kids of Buena Vida, I can’t believe it

How old are you? How old do you feel? How many gray hairs should you have at your age?

I’m feeling youngish at 41 (and ½!), but things that happen to “old” people are now happening to me. I just chalk that up to choosing the “accelerated program” of life.

My hair is now about 25% gray. I just celebrated 20 years of marriage with Mary. And I have a 19-year-old daughter getting married in October (that accelerated program and all). How is it that time is speeding up so much?

Looking back at the photos of the kids of Buena Vida, I can’t believe it has been ten years since we started working with them. Volunteers from A Child’s Hope Foundation have been there since the beginning of the orphanage, and we’ve watched the kids grow up before our eyes.

One of my daughters lived there last summer—by herself at age 14—because she wanted to learn Spanish. We never had to wonder whether she would get along there because, again, we’ve known them so long. Even after being there with hardly a soul to speak English to, she didn’t want to leave all of her friends at the end of the summer. (It really is nice not to have a kid that misses you, but what does that say about our parenting that she preferred the orphanage?)

Let’s take a look at what’s been accomplished this year at Buena Vida:

-1 orphan has been adopted into a loving Mexican family (Daniel, the teenager)

-1 brand-new orphanage has been completed and is almost ready for move-in

-393 volunteers have visited or will visit Buena Vida

-5 kids graduated from high school

-$44,084 has been donated for orphanage operations, meals, and construction

Life is moving fast, and we are excited for all the progress that has been made recently with your help. You are amazing! Thank you for your continuing support, generosity, and love for our family at Buena Vida!

Much love,
Kent White
Executive Director