5 Easy-To-Do Activities to Help Your Child Feel Gratitude This Holiday Season

November 26, 2019

Gratitude Journaling is a now-common practice that helps us ponder and acknowledge the small things in our every day. This holiday season, we wanted to expand your gratitude practices with 5 more perspective-changing activities designed especially for the little ones in your life!

1. Gratitude Walks

Gratitude walks can be around the park or even your own home. Point out the cars, the warm coats and gloves, the running water, the food in your pantry, and your beds. Talk about how many people don’t have these assurances. If you haven’t seen the heartwarming and comically-real Gratitude Commercial from Forest Hill Church, they’ve got some great inspiration to get you started!

2. Keep “Thank You” Cards Easily Accessible

Encourage your child to say “Thank You” to the people that help them in large and small ways by keeping cards handy. Let your child know the cards are just for them! This helps your little one act on their feelings of gratitude each time they feel them. 

3. Help Your Child Gift Items They’ve Earned the Money For Themselves

By giving children an opportunity to work for the money themselves, they learn to value the effort that comes behind the gifts that they receive. We recently had a group of kids sell fossils they found as a way to contribute to the Christmas campaign for the Guaymas orphanage. 

4. Help Them See Needs and Fill Them

Has your child ever asked why people ask for money by the side of the road? They are observant and genuine. Help them feel gratitude by showing them that others have specific needs, which could be large like money and shelter or small like a friend or helping hand. Help your child look for needs around them and find opportunities to fill them! 

5. Participate in Volunteer Service

Lead by example, change your perspective, and show your children your own attitude of gratitude by participating in volunteer service.  Local charities, church organizations, and non-profits provide many opportunities for your family to do good, especially during the holidays. Open your child’s eyes to the needs of the people and the world around them. 

If you’re interested in participating in a family-friendly service trip with A Child’s Hope Foundation, you can view upcoming service opportunities by visiting www.achf.org/servicetrips