Q&A: Do all donations go directly to the orphanages?

All donations made toward a cause on the website go directly to that cause. This is a big deal to us—we want donors to feel confident knowing every dollar they contribute is being used to support the kids! For example, all donations that are made to the Feed An Orphan campaign will be used to distribute food grants to the orphanages. All donations made to Buena Vida’s cause will be given directly to Buena Vida to be used for their operational needs (groceries, medicines, clothing, utilities, etc.). ACHF even covers the payment processing fees with other funds so that 100% of the donations received on these cause pages will be used for the cause intended. These graphs show how much money was raised in 2019 and 2020 and to what causes the donations were put toward.

*These graphs show how much money was raised in 2019 and 2020 and to what causes the donations were put toward.

Our Where Needed Most cause is the only cause that doesn’t necessarily get distributed directly to an orphanage. Instead, it is used where there are needs to be met in the organization. These funds are used to cover gaps in orphanage support that aren’t covered directly by other causes. For example, the “Where Needed Most” funds are currently funding about 40% of the salary of Rancho de los Ninos’ therapist. We also used these funds last year to pay for a hospital visit and surgery for a special needs child at Rancho de los Ninos who fell and broke her shoulder and collarbone. Lastly, “Where Needed Most” donations help cover the costs of our programs and other operational expenses when other funding sources are insufficient.

We believe in being transparent about what we do with our donations, and 100% of the money we receive goes directly to help the orphans. If you’re interested in learning more, you can read our financial reports. We are so grateful for all of our donors! It is thanks to you that the children are able to be effectively taken care of at the orphanages. Every bit really does make a difference.

Together, we’re lifting orphans from surviving to thriving.

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