We’re Growing!

February 6, 2023

See how we've grown

It’s been a big year for A Child’s Hope Foundation! We are now in 8 regions, support 23 different children’s homes, and are supporting 696 children. All of this would have been impossible without contributions from our partners, donors, and volunteers.

We’ve expanded into Jalisco, Mexico and started working in Colombia as well. Outside of Central and South America, we have expanded into Europe by partnering with One Heart Bulgaria. Operations are also starting up in Africa. A Child’s Hope Foundation has begun working in three different countries on the continent: Ghana, Kenya, and Uganda.

Can (the Director of Global Partnerships), and Jaime (the Program Director) had the opportunity to travel to all three countries in Africa back in November to make connections with local organizations and get and idea for the kinds of situations that orphans in each country face.

Uniting children with families in Kenya
  • In Kenya, families in poverty are often left with the difficult prospect of placing their children in orphanages in the hope of giving them a better life. 
  • Our partner, Child in Family Focus, is dedicated to switching Kenyan orphanages from permanent orphanages to transitional homes where children can return to, or be placed in loving families. 
Protecting Children in Ghana
  • Tragically, one of the biggest problems Cam and Jamie learned about in Ghana was human trafficking. 
  • Working with Ghana Make A Difference, we hope to help reunite children taken from their families and provide a better education and resources for orphans. 
  • Many children are taken from their parents under false pretenses of education or work and never returned. 
  • Ghana Make A Difference strives to return kids to their families and support those families to become stronger. 
An amazing new partnership in uganda
  • 92hands Uganda is partnering with A Child’s Hope Foundation to not only help Ugandan orphans, but the communities they live in.
  • 92hands Uganda has an excellent program that places 4-5 children with single women who can support and care for kids who would otherwise be destitute with nowhere to go.
  • These women are not only trained in childcare, but taught how to be economically successful and encouraged to start their own businesses.

Over this past year, A Child’s Hope Foundation has rapidly expanded and we plan on continuing that trend. Thanks to your continued support, these children and many more will be able to receive the care and support they need and go on to live fulfilling lives. For current updates on what’s happening at A Child’s Hope Foundation, follow us on Facebook and Instagram. You can learn more about what happens on our trips, upcoming events, and how you can get involved. Find us there today!