Every Cent Well Spent

April 13, 2023

Make a donation & join the aunt and uncle program

Fernando’s story is a testament to the effectiveness of Child Advancement Programs (CAP). When he arrived at the orphanage, Fernando had a hard time adjusting. He constantly lashed out at the other kids and staff. This behavior stemmed from a lack of confidence, but thanks to Child Advancement Programs, he was able to receive therapy. 

Despite some initial setbacks in life, Fernando has learned to treat others and himself with respect. He is now a role model for the other kids and has built friendships with his peers, caregivers and therapist. Now he’s finally able to feel like a kid again. Without Child Advancement Programs, kids like Fernando would have little chance of receiving this type of personalized care. (Fernando’s name was changed for privacy).

The main ways CAP helps kids is by providing each child with individualized care and guidance from professionals like caregivers, therapists, tutors, and mentors. With the support of CAP, children like Fernando have a chance to heal and thrive. Through CAP, each donation plays a critical role in improving the lives of these children.

Join the program

One of the best ways to see how your donations are helping is by joining our Aunt & Uncle program. When you commit to making a monthly donation, we’ll send updates on the progress made in these children’s lives right to your email. With our Aunt & Uncle program, you can see firsthand the impact your donations are having on the lives of these children. Joining this program is a great way to support our cause and stay connected with the progress of the children. So, if you’re interested in making a difference and being a part of the solution, we encourage you to donate or join our Aunt & Uncle program today by clicking here. Together, we can lift children like Fernando from surviving to thriving!