Donations Save Lives

With the help of generous contributions from donors like you, we can build new adoption orphanages and support existing ones. 100% of online donations go directly to supporting orphanages since our overhead is covered by other contributions. Our funding does not stem from government grants. Donations from individuals, businesses, and private foundations provide the financial support needed to operate these orphanages and provide care for the children. In addition to sustaining life, donations help buy seeds for crops, train caregivers, pay for supplies, provide elementary education, and more. Your gift or donation to A Child's Hope Foundation will bring you the joy of knowing you are helping save children's lives.

Girls in a Mexican Orphanage enjoying a healthy meal.

How to Make a Donation

We appreciate your interest in supporting A Child's Hope Foundation. Outlined below are the many easy ways you can make a donation. Even small contributions add up and make a big difference!


To make a secure online donation by Credit Card, click the button below. You can also donate to A Child's Hope Foundation via PayPal. 100% of online donations go directly to supporting orphanages since our overhead is covered by other contributions.

Donate Today


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By Phone

801-434-9200 or Toll Free 866-217-KIDS (5437)

By Mail

Just print, complete, and send in our short donation form.

Additional Ways to Donate

  • Contributions in Memory of a Relative, Friend, or Colleague.
  • Gifts of Securities.
  • The Legacy Society: To create a living legacy bequest.
  • Planned Giving: To establish a planned giving donation.
  • Value in-kind donations.
  • Donate directly to an orphanage (view profiles in the sidebar on the right side of this page).

How We Use Your Donations

As a charitable 501(c)(3) organization in the United States, our tax returns to the IRS (known as 990's) are public information. Guidestar publishes our past tax returns and you can see that we use contributions for programs that save lives and build families. Pay special attention to the expense breakdown of the three categories: Program Services, Management, and Fundraising. You will see that the vast majority of funds are allocated to Program Services. To learn what we have accomplished with your donations, please see Global Endeavors.

Tax Benefits

Contributions made to A Child's Hope Foundation are tax-deductible in the U.S.  Unless otherwise noted, your gift will be used by A Child's Hope Foundation for the project(s) A Child's Hope Foundation determines is(are) in need of funds.  A Child's Hope Foundation is recognized as a tax-exempt public charitable organization under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. A portion of donations for trip payments and certain fundraising events are nondeductible. The amount of the trip payment that is nondeductible is determined after the trip is completed, but is estimated to be about $100. Donations for tickets to fundraising events, such as golf tournaments, are deductible beyond the amount of the fair market value of participation in the event. The confirmation page a participant views when registering for such events will declare the nondeductible amount of the event ticket. Donors will receive a statement at the beginning of each year outlining their total contributions from the previous year and indicating which amounts are nondeductible. For more information about using your donation as a charitable tax deduction, please contact a tax attorney or accountant.


A Child's Hope Foundation is not registered to fundraise in all states within the United States, nor is it registered in all foreign countries where this site may be accessible. This site should not be construed as a solicitation of funds in those jurisdictions where ACHF is not registered.

How to cancel a monthly donation

If you need to cancel a monthly donation that you previously set up, please contact us for assistance.