Task Forces

At A Child’s Hope Foundation

Providing energy and expertise to organizations around the world.

What are Task Forces?

Task Forces are teams of volunteers and staff that respond to a specific project request. Each is composed of 3-7 team members who meet regularly to push the project forward. Our Task Forces unite people and their passions to projects in order to lift orphans from surviving to thriving.

What do Task Forces do?

Task Forces help the helpers. They provide supplementary, specialized volunteer support to organizations who are solving the global orphan crisis. With specific deliverables and timelines, Task Forces provide effective project management and personalized volunteer opportunities.

Why Task Forces?

Task Forces make it easy for busy organizations to find skilled volunteers. There are hundreds of skilled professionals looking for clear opportunities to serve out of their strengths. Task Forces curate opportunities for organizations to utilize the passion and skills of volunteers to help orphans and vulnerable children.

Who Do Task Forces Serve?

A Child’s Hope Foundation

Staff and board members at A Child’s Hope can request a Task Force to help accomplish a SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, time-bound) project. If there is a project that has potential to bring in volunteers, a Task Force can provide the mechanism for recruiting volunteers and managing the project.

Our Deployment Partners

Deployment Partners can request a Task Force to help them tackle specific problems. If there is a project that is beyond the current capacity of the organization, a Task Force can provide the human capital and the project management support to better equip and empower the DP.

How it Works


Identify a need and request a task force.


Our team determines if we have the capacity and resources to help.


We create a job description and find the right matches!


The task force works on the project in an agreed upon timeline.


We present the final deliverable and receive your feedback.

Request a Task Force!

To request a Task Force, fill out this form and someone will be in contact with you!

Interested in volunteering on a task force? Learn more here.