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Task Forces

What are Task Forces?

Task Forces are teams of volunteers and staff that respond to a specific project request from A Child’s Hope or our Deployment Partners. Each team is composed of 3-7 members who meet regularly to accomplish each project.

Why Task Forces Matter

The first Task Force was tasked with creating a Therapy Toolkit, a list of resources for therapists in Mexico. This was a project one of our board members had been trying to develop for two years. However, we didn’t yet have the bandwidth. With Task Forces, we created a project and plan, brought on five volunteers, and developed a rough draft of the toolkit. The volunteers researched and compiled a list to form the Therapy Toolkit. The task force was dissolved and a new one is taking its place with a new group of volunteers from a university in Mexico to train therapists and caregivers on how to use the toolkit.

A Child's Hope Foundation

Staff and board members at A Child’s Hope can request a Task Force to help accomplish a SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, time-bound) project. If there is a project that has potential to bring in volunteers, a Task Force can provide the mechanism for recruiting volunteers and managing the project.

Our Deployment Partners

Deployment Partners can request a Task Force to help them tackle specific problems. If there is a project that is beyond the current capacity of the organization, a Task Force can provide the human capital and the project management support to better equip and empower the DP.

How it Works


Identify a need and request a task force.


Our team determines if we have the capacity and resources to help.


We create a job description and find the right matches!


The task force works on the project in an agreed upon timeline.


We present the final deliverable and receive your feedback.

Request A Task Force!

To request a Task Force, fill out this form and someone will be in contact with you!

Interested in volunteering on a task force? Learn more here.