Improvement Roadmaps

Our partner, One Heart Bulgaria, is actively working all over the country in a variety of initiatives to help orphans and vulnerable children. Their team is trained with the skills and tools needed to deploy the Thrive Program. We regularly collaborate with them to amplify their impact in each of the homes.


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The Impact

Monica is a 14-year-old girl that lives at FTCC Berkovitsa. She is in 8th grade and loves to sing. She is part of a singing group called “Lacquered Shoes,” and has performed with them in 1-2 singing competitions every month. They consistently win first prize which Monica takes pride in.

However, her home life isn’t as happy. She used to live with her mother, father, and three siblings, but they abandoned her at the orphanage. Monica visits her family sometimes, but due to past trauma, it’s very difficult. She comes back to the FTCC and has panic attacks. One Heart Bulgaria’s therapist, Stella, has been working with Monica to help her understand her feelings and how to manage her panic attacks. Since they’ve started therapy sessions, Monica has progressed wonderfully. She hasn’t had a panic attack in the last month.

Improvement Roadmaps

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