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92hands is working in the slums around Kampala with single women who are coming off the streets. 92hands offers them a place to stay, training on how to be a caregiver to a small number (3-7) of orphans and vulnerable children (OVC), and skill training to increase the mothers’ economic independence. Both Ends Believing works with homes and governments to place children in loving and supportive homes. A Child’s Hope is partnering with 92hands and Both Ends Believing to implement the Thrive Program in their networks.


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Ssebalamu Trivilyn, a 4-year-old girl, was born into a life filled with uncertainty and hardship. Abandoned by her alcoholic father and a mother who showed little concern, Trivilyn’s early days were spent on the streets, facing a harsh and unkind world on her own. The outlook for her future was grim.

During one of 92hands’ outreach programs in underprivileged communities, Sarah, a kind-hearted social worker from our team, stumbled upon the young girl, who was unable to speak due to a speech defect, living in a crumbling building. Horrified by the severe conditions Trivilyn was enduring, Sarah took action.

Following a thorough assessment, our team placed Trivilyn in a nurturing foster home. Here, she was embraced with care, love, and the stability she desperately needed by her foster caregiver, Mama Harriet. This new family was committed to providing Trivilyn not just with a secure environment, but also a chance to flourish and grow. Since enrolling in school last year, Trivilyn has made remarkable progress in her communication skills and self-confidence, and she has started forming friendships both inside and outside of school.

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